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We are a Team of Hardworking, Ethical Professionals

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Our team has over 30+ years of combined digital marketing experience, so we truly know what we’re doing. You can trust that your marketing dollars are being put into experienced hands that know how to ensure you receive the best return on investment possible.


Unfortunately, there has been an explosion of unethical marketing tactics, even fraud, in the legal space. At Drive Digital Advertising we ensure all our campaigns are 100% compliant to current standards to ensure our clients are protected at all costs.

Cutting Edge

Our team is on the cutting edge of legal case generation. We are constantly testing and optimizing our campaigns and staying ahead of the digital marketing curve. The legal market is constantly changing so make sure to stay with it to deliver our clients great results.


Communication is very important to any relationship, and we prioritize that at Drive Digital Advertising. We are not a fly by night company, we’re here to truly be partners with our clients so you can expect 100% transparency and great communication.

Our Team

Luke Hyde-Founder-Drive Digital Advertising

Luke Hyde


Osvaldo Calleja-Lead generation specialist

Osvaldo Calleja

Lead generation specialist

Jas Hashmi-Lead generation specialist

Jas Hashmi

Lead generation specialist

Kristen Valdez-Client Success Manager

Kristen Valdez

Client Success Manager

Karen Munson-Administration

Karen Munson


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